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7 Web Designs Trends in 2015 for Singapore

16 Apr , 2015  


Web design is dynamic. Every year, new trends are unveiled, and while there is no specific procedure to great design, it is always a reflection of great art work. The web design industry is greatly affected by changes in trends.

Undoubtedly, whether one is an expert designer or a newbie, there is always something new to learn. With the year not so far gone, there are trends which are expected to stand out clearly in the web design sector. Some of the fascinating trends in 2015 include: More…



9 plus 1 Important Things to Have in Your Website

7 Apr , 2015  


Need Ideas on Website Design?

Need Ideas on Website Design

Need Ideas on Website Design

Websites are fantastic tools for all businesses and those without one are certainly not in touch with modern world trends. Any business that wants to succeed and stay above the competition must get a website up and running whereby they can present themselves to the entire world and conduct online transactions. More…

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3 Important Factors to Bear in Mind Before You Build a Website

3 Apr , 2015  


Having a website for your business long ceased to be a choice; the only question that remains is what kind of website you want to build. We are in the Information Age, and since making an entrance into our lives over 20 years ago, the Internet has revolutionized everything about how we can access information, making life much easier.

There are many factors that come to mind if you want to build a website. The elements, design, layout and even content will all be guided by the purpose for which the site exists. Every aspect of the site must work towards furthering this goal, so that the synergy between different aspects results in a site that is worth displaying to potential clients in your target market.

Below, we offer three pointers to guide you through the planning phase before embarking on any actual design work. If you get the plan right the first time, everything will seamlessly flow from there.