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7 Web Designs Trends in 2015 for Singapore

16 Apr , 2015  

Web design is dynamic. Every year, new trends are unveiled, and while there is no specific procedure to great design, it is always a reflection of great art work. The web design industry is greatly affected by changes in trends.

Undoubtedly, whether one is an expert designer or a newbie, there is always something new to learn. With the year not so far gone, there are trends which are expected to stand out clearly in the web design sector. Some of the fascinating trends in 2015 include:

  1.    Elimination of Side Bars

Side bars are a great distraction and they never add any value to a site. Whenever a user visits a website, they are interested in the discussion rather than the Facebook feeds, twitter or newsletter. Such actions should be at the very bottom of the page. Once certain they like what is on offer, it is easier for them to interact with the stated actions. Therefore, we expect to see website designs without sidebars.

  1.    Ghost Buttons

These are designed to attract users in a subtle manner rather than distract them. The buttons are transparent yet recognizable in shape, bordered with thin lines, and with light san-serif font. Ghost buttons are not a call to action and they are ideal for designers not willing to muddle their site with unnecessary navigation.

  1.    Lengthier Scrolling Websites

Some of the newest website designs have the tendency of being lengthy while scrolling through pages. With the rising popularity of mobile devices, it is now commonplace for websites to settle for scrolling, rather than linking, for content display on their homepages. Scrolling through a page is easier than constantly scrolling to access information.

  1.    Communication and Storytelling

While great content is amazing for a website, the ability to tell a story through the content is a huge plus. In 2015, web design will focus more on telling users a story. Web design has become more animated and interactive, aiding in presenting content in an appealing and unique manner. When it is applied appropriately, it adds the wow factor to any site.

  1.    Isomorphic JavaScript

This trend will be more popular among companies that have made great investments in JavaScript for their website infrastructure. The design offers great improvements in areas of SEO, maintainability and performance.

  1.    Micro UX

This is a design focused on delighting users through use of simple, innovative designs that make tasks easier and engaging. In essence, it offers a humane experience and increases the chances of getting return visitors.

  1.    Animated Elements

Subtle animations will be used on off screen elements and buttons. This trend has picked up rapidly among designers. The notion is that short, subtle elements offer users a feel of where they come from instead of appearing out of nowhere.

These trends mean, as much as key players in the web development industry are engaging the most creative methods around, they are also thinking about the user experience, which ultimately means the website’s goal is achieved.



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