8 Smart Ways to Increase Online Sales

28 Apr , 2015  

A successful online sales process entails several steps that you should take in order to achieve the desired results. You must know how to convert leads to actual sales. There are times when a business fails to consider the importance of influencing internet users so that they can take the desired action, which is to make purchases.

Today, a number of strategies can increase online sales by pulling in traffic and getting internet users to take the preferred action. However, you can never tell which strategy will work unless you try it, and if you fail, you learn from that. You should never be afraid of trying different strategies because you can always improve with time in the future. Nevertheless, there are smart ways that have been tried and proven effective in increasing online sales.

They include:

1.Offering a single service or product on the home page

If you sell several products through the internet, it is highly advisable that you try this strategy. Offering a few products on a single page while using a single copy to describe them translates to increased sales. This is because it enables your customers and even you to focus on those products only. Therefore, instead of trying to offer a product for everyone or trying to impress every visitor, try targeting a few customers by providing detailed benefits of your product.

Case Study: Elly g collection

Offering lady fashion online on the home page

2.Offer special offers to online buyers only

Most internet users use the internet to gather information and then decide on the store to visit to purchase the product. They do this to compare prices and find out what the actual prices of the products are. However, they do not buy the products online. You can end this tendency by giving special offers to online buyers only. Provide more incentives to people who buy products online from your website so that they can become your frequent customers.

Case Study: Innovare Pte Ltd

Give cheaper price to online buyer only.

3.Offer free shipping

Some people fear online shopping because they do not want to incur the shipping expenses. To increase your online sales, offer free shipping to customers, especially if they place large orders. This way, more people will buy from your online outlet without fear of extra shipping costs.

Case Study: Cute Mother

Offer free shipping to Singapore.

4.Provide honest pricing

In most online outlets, people know the actual price of their desired purchase while filling in the form for the shopping cart. It’s during the final step that requires payment, however, that most shoppers leave the website even without completing their buying process on realizing that there are hidden charges. Therefore, be honest while providing your pricing including shipping cost.

Case Study: Baby Mall

Babymall provide the cheapest price for baby product in Singapore.

5.Have a mobile website

If you do not have a mobile website, then you are losing great business opportunities. Many people are using their mobile devices to do online shopping. Therefore, have a website that allows people to shop through their mobile devices.

Case Study: Baby Mall

Mobile site is more convenient for mobile user.

6.Increase your use of social media

People are using the social media to share information about different outlets online that give them great deals. Increasing your social media exposure will also have your sales website shared by more people. This will attract more people and eventually increase your online sales.

Case Study: Elly g Collection

Elly G Collection is doing facebook ads to get more famous.

7.Ensure urgency in your sales copy

You need to convince readers that they should buy now. You can do this at the end of your online sales copy so that you can compel visitors to make a purchase. You can do this by offering discounts or bonuses with a limited time. You can also give offers for limited products so that customers can rush to buy them before stock runs out.

8.Make your marketing campaign credible

Creating credible advertisement messages is very important because it enhances the trust of your visitors. This will make visitors comfortable and trust you to order products online from your website.

These are simple but effective ways to establish long-term relationships with customers and increase your sales online.

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