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Parallax in web design

8 Dec , 2015  

What Is Parallax?

The term Parallax came from a visual effect of 2D scrolling video games that used different background images to create the illusion of depth during game play. This was made for the purpose of making the background move slower than the foreground so as to make it seem far away. It can also be defined as a technique that allows the webpage components to move at different speeds when the user scrolls.  This phenomenon creates an appealing visual effect, and this is what people in web designing are incorporating.

How It Works

Parallax is an innovation in web designing, but it had been there for a long time and applied in various applications. Of most importance and easily known is the parallax scrolling that was widely used and it is still used in the gaming applications so as to create a two-dimensional effects of side scrolling.  This effect is achieved by the creation of a perspective shift so as to help the observer view the object of the target. The aim of creating a parallax effect is to create a multiple viewpoints from which an object can be observed from a far-flung background.

Methods for Creating Parallax

Some methods can be used to achieve parallax scrolling, these are;

Layers method-this is a method where multiple layers are made to move horizontally or vertically while scrolling at different speed intervals. The layer movement may be user controlled or automated.

Raster- this method involves refreshing pixel and compositing lines in an image arranged in a top to bottom manner. A small delay is introduced between the drawing individual lines so as to create a parallax scrolling.

Sprite- this is done by composting some images into a single one made of pseudo-layers. When you position this at a different angle a single part will be visible, and this will create a 3-dimension effect on the flat images.

The last method is pattern manipulation. It creates parallax by floating multiple screens over repeated backgrounds.

Use of parallax in web design

Parallax effect is made possible by the use of JavaScript but recently CSS, when employed, can also achieve the same effect. CSS parallax is a method being employed and integrated into web design.

Reasons for choosing parallax on your site

Parallax is of great importance in your site since it can add visual appeals to your website if properly implemented. These are reasons as to why you should use it.

  • You will have instantly website visitors due to the nice effect cause by the animation.
  • While guiding your visitors through the different parts of the site which is an engaging method.
  • You will also increase the time spent in your website since the visitors will scroll through till to the bottom when the animations come to an end.
  • This also helps to catch the visitors’ attention in a more powerful way. This will be effective if you have a CTA are in your website homepage.
  • It helps to direct the visitors easily wherever you want them to go in your site.

Tips for a Successful Parallax Site

You need to keep in mind while you are designing parallax website;

  • You should not overdo it to make sure the site is not too complicated.
  • Use the parallax to tell a visual story.
  • You should make engaging and fun with depth using layering.
  • Account for older browsers and mobile browsing
  • You need also to emphasize on the calls to action when directing the visitor through the site.

Try parallax in your site and see changes.

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