How internet security has been compromised by technology

30 Nov , 2015  

Recently, the Internet has turned into an extremely essential wellspring of data sharing. With the ability of networking, various electronic devices are connected with the aim of sharing information. Technology has been in a steady advancement process since 1960(s) consequently influencing the systems administration range and support.30, 000 hosts in a system back in the 60s is nothing contrasted with the millions and a large number of individuals in a system today, and still going. It seems like a drop in an ocean.

Web security has been waving in the range of bad and worse. It was simpler to screen and oversee 30,000 individuals in the same system to stay away from web breaking than observing 30million of individuals in the same system. Let’s not forget about the good that the technological advancement has done this far, is also tried to blanket all this “good”   with the slogan of “information is the power”. All possible solutions you may think of are created by the internet then come with a problem embedded. With time, people use the same internet to gather information on how maneuver illegally in the web.

With many great hosts, it has turned out to be difficult to know precisely people abusing the web. Web conventions are set by ISO body to guarantee that there is no web well being is ensured at the moment. Anonymous individuals with special web skills have emerged in the name of ‘hackers’ create vices and upload them into the internet aiming to control certain resources in the network without the users knowing. This impacts greatly on the level of security making it an exercise in careful control in between the attacker and the protector. None of the parties has a full guarantee on the security as it is dynamic. The amazing part is that both parties use technology as a baseline. Attackers use technology to cause security imbalance while society uses the technology to reduce it.

Changes of technology are derived from the internet ideas, the implemented by changing the security systems. This may increase a detection scope by greater percentage hence giving more room to try the attacks. Let’s take the scenario of the most recent mobile operating system like the Apple IOS and Android. They are built on the superiority of system security with the IOS phone having the most secret encryption methods only known to the company itself. Attackers are spending sleepless nights to try to reach the breach point of the secured system. The cybercriminals plant applications that include hidden malicious functionality in an attempt to avoid detection included in the vendor’s application vetting process.

Android is designed on Linux and it makes it look more of a is a freeware operating system, and its security system is a single the year 2011. More than 110 malicious apps were deleted from Google play implying that the security of the web is at stake always. To crown it if security one computer in a network is compromised then every other computer I that same network is at the size of the network is extremely large, and then it makes it next to impossible to secure every computer

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