Why should I hire a professional to design my Website?

There are many people that think that since they simply own some Web publishing software, that they can put up a Web site and call themselves Professional Web Designers.

At Access Desires, we take your project seriously. This is not something that we do part-time or on the side. We have years of experience and formal education and are constantly taking new classes to improve our skills and keep up with the evolving Web world. We've invested in what we consider to be the best Web design software on the market and more importantly, we know how to use it to give you the results you want.

In addition, since we operate a small business, we are able to give each and every client the personalized attention that they deserve.

Unlike most other Web design firms, we have taken the added time to educate ourselves in the areas of search engine optimization. We have aligned ourselves with both a copywriting organization and search engine optimization consultant who help create your site in such a way that it receives prime consideration for inclusion with the major engines. We are able to provide you with keyword analyses, keyword saturated copy, concise and effective META tags, and a design that helps - rather than hinders - your positioning.

Finally, we gladly work with Internet startup companies, providing the site design, logo, copywriting, search engine compatibility and other elements you need to succeed.

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