Why should I hire a professional copywriter? Can't I do it myself?

Your Web site copy is your "salesperson." It is the only persuasive element of your site. Copy - if written properly - is what reaches your customers on a personal level and shows them how you are the solution to their problems. Words are our sole source of communication. They trigger our emotions and are the defining factor in most of our decisions (especially our buying decisions). A professional copywriter understands how to blend emotion, the communication style of your target customer, and the details and facts about your business into a harmonic flow that is well received by your clients and triggers a desire to buy.

In addition, if search engine positioning is of importance to you, you need to realize that the selection of effective keywords and delicate balance of keyword saturation in your copy is absolutely vital to success.

So the answer is "yes." If you feel you are able to accomplish the things listed above, you can certainly write your own copy. However, we strongly suggest enlisting the talents of a pro!

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